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A Better Way to Care® – if you’ve ever interacted with social media posts, brochures, flyers or online content from Enhabit Home Health & Hospice, you may have seen this phrase. But what exactly does A Better Way to Care® mean?

A purple graphic reads A Better Way to Care® on the left and superiori outcomes, nationwide footprint, exceptional leadership and compassionate clinical teams.

What is A Better Way to Care®?

As a national leader in the home health and hospice industry, Enhabit is dedicated to upholding our purpose and promise.

Our purpose is to provide high-quality, compassionate care to every patient wherever they call home. This demonstrates what we believe and what we exist to do.

Our promise is to provide A Better Way to Care® by expanding what’s possible for patient care in the home. This highlights what we do and why it matters.

Our six core values - Enhabit in Action - go hand in hand with A Better Way to Care®. This graphic on a purple background highlights our six values as: People, Integrity, Compassion, Excellence, Teamwork and Collaboration.

As it is a main component of our brand’s promise, A Better Way to Care® is a driving force in what sets Enhabit apart from the rest and an important aspect of our culture. It is also supported within our company values: Enhabit in Action.

What does A Better Way to Care® mean?

While it exists as a part of our companywide promise, A Better Way to Care® means different things to different employees in various disciplines. A large portion of our employees are clinical or have a clinical background, but we do have employees in different fields such as sales, information technology, marketing, administrative, talent acquisitions and more.

A Better Way to Care® in patient-facing careers

Providing A Better Way to Care® starts with our compassionate clinicians. Hear what they have to say about what our promise means to them in their patient-facing careers.

Gary G., LMSW, medical social worker

As a social worker with Enhabit, I have the privilege of serving not only my patients but my team members every day. It is such an honor to be able to practice my passion of helping others and being a valued team member. There are numerous ways that Enhabit demonstrates A Better Way to Care® including delivering exceptional patient care or using the Enhabit Cares Foundation to provide for our fellow team and community members. 

Outside of these forms of caring, each of our local branches truly enjoy fellowship with one another whether it’s celebrating the birth of a new family member, graduation of a higher degree or celebrating the awarding of a company car. I feel that Enhabit differs from other providers because caring is at the center of our hearts and permeates in everything we do – that’s what we call A Better Way to Care®!

Cris N., patient services coordinator

As an employee of a company who uses it as a component of their promise, I took a deeper look. To me, A Better Way to Care® means: Putting the patient, their safety, comfort and peace of mind as your number one priority.

It means being available to assist a patient or caregiver, even when you have several other tasks that need your attention. It means seeking or being part of the resolution to problems. It means providing the care our patients need, prior to the patient realizing they need it. It means doing everything you can to take the stress and pressure off of the caregiver and provide education that the caregiver understands in a way that makes them feel empowered. It means building relationships with caregivers, communities and teammates that are positive and influential. It means following through and keeping promises.

It’s more than putting your best foot forward. It’s about leaving a little piece of yourself in a way that will be appreciated and never forgotten.

A Better Way to Care® in administrative and corporate settings

While our clinicians are busy providing patient care, our administrative and corporate teams are working to support each pillar of our business. Hear from a few employees about what our promise means to them their various roles.

Summer L., Community Care Program area manager

I embody the principle of A Better Way to Care® every day in my work. To me, this means bringing authenticity and consistent follow-through to every interaction and decision. It’s personal; my journey in home health care was inspired by my own family’s needs.

Understanding the challenges that families face, I stepped into this role with a mission to ensure that others wouldn’t feel lost when seeking help, as I once did. A Better Way to Care® is about more than just providing services; it’s about connecting on a human level and ensuring care is not only accessible but also empathetic and tailored to each individual’s unique situation. This philosophy drives my approach to community care, pushing me to advocate for our clients and to forge a path of care that respects their dignity and aids in their autonomy.

Haley M., office coordinator

Each and every day there are some people who wake up to an alarm and go about their day. Then there are others who wake to their callings, spreading joy wherever they go. 

I believe A Better Way to Care® is a goal we all strive in achieving together as a team. It takes integrity, hard work and a dedicated spirit to keep striving to do our best. I am honored to work with and for the people here at Enhabit. I appreciate each individual contribution to making our jobs feel like our greatest callings in life.

John F., vice president of sales operations

I love A Better Way to Care® for several reasons: one because it’s simple and I can remember it; and two, we can all figure out how to implement it, from answering a phone, filling out a form or influencing patient care. It also applies to each and every member of the Enhabit team as well as we can absolutely find ways to take better care of each other.

Lastly, the word “care” implies a personal touch. Caring is a precious gift; caring is personal; and caring is a blessing. And that’s ultimately what we do at Enhabit – we care.

Lori M., creative director

As the creative director in the marketing department, our promise of A Better Way to Care® serves as a source of inspiration. It provides clear direction for developing our materials that align with our purpose. It often sparks creative ideas on how we communicate this message effectively.

Our company is differentiated by this promise as we strive for excellence and innovation in how we care for others. To be able to creatively showcase this emotional connection in our work is an honor and duty we hope we achieve in everything we do.

If you are interested in driving the industry toward A Better Way to Care® alongside other Enhabit employees, search our open career opportunities near you or sign up for job alerts by texting “CARE” to 98199.

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