A guided checklist: What to do after a loved one passes away

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 It’s understandable and valid to feel overwhelmed after a loved one passes away.

This is a simple checklist to help remind you of the important things to get done. You can download and print this checklist out to keep track of your progress.

Please be advised, this checklist is not meant to be exhaustive. It is simply a guide and not an official “one-size-fits-all” list of steps to follow after a loved one passes away. Each person’s and every family’s circumstances are different and may require different tasks and considerations. 

A sisngle candle burns to represent grief and bereavement after a loved one passes away

Visit this link for more resources about grief and bereavement.

At Enhabit Home Health & Hospice, we provide bereavement support for up to 13 months after your loved one’s passing. Please reach out to your loved one’s hospice care team to connect with bereavement specialists.

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