Get a glimpse into what it’s like to be a hospice volunteer coordinator

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It’s well-known that it takes a special person to work in hospice. There are many qualities and attributes that hospice employees and volunteers have that make the end-of-life transition as seamless as possible. One major key to a successful hospice experience is teamwork. Teamwork is not only between nurses, doctors and clinical staff that care directly for patients – but also with those that work behind the scenes such as hospice volunteer coordinators and volunteers.

What is a hospice volunteer coordinator and how do they work with volunteers?

Volunteer coordinators  play a necessary part in the well-being of a hospice patient and their family. This vital role is responsible for connecting patients and families to volunteers. These volunteers then provide additional support to the patient and their family that doesn’t include clinical and physical needs. Hospice Volunteers are responsible for running errands, spending quality time with patients and supporting family members.

What do hospice volunteer coordinators look for in a volunteer?

Coordinators are responsible for training, integrating and initiating the volunteer, patient andfamily partnerships. Their mission is to seek kind, compassionate and reliable volunteers to ensure patients and families are well taken care of during an unfamiliar journey. They depend on volunteers to put patients and families before themselves and make sure that families have all of their needs met. The goal of every volunteer is to be a positive, bright light in the lives of patients.

What is the most rewarding part for a volunteer coordinator working in hospice?

Volunteer coordinators pair people going through different phases of life to create a special, one of a kind friendship. As a volunteer coordinator working in hospice, you have the opportunity to impact many lives. Not only does the work of a coordinator affect patients and families, but they also have the ability to change the lives of volunteers as well. Because of this, people in this position learn to “embrace the beauty of life” and to never take a day for granted.

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer coordinator in hospice?

Volunteer coordinators work with patients, families, volunteers, branch staff, vendors and with various programs around their community.  Due to this level of responsibilityy, volunteer coordinators need to be constantly organized and have exceptional time management skills to ensure the entire process goes without error from beginning to end.

Learn more about hospice coordinator employment opportunities here.

Are you interested in being a hospice volunteer?

Most volunteers have personal experience with hospice, which strengthens their desire to impact others in similar situations. Hospice patients and volunteers often form a mutual bond by creating friendships, sharing stories and teaching lessons.  If this sounds like something you would be passionate about, you can learn more about hospice volunteer opportunities here.

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